Welcome to our new digs

Welcome to our new digs

Welcome to our new location

After 20 years of servicing the ACT from the Hyperdome (now South.Point Shopping Centre) ,we decided our clients would be better served by adding Medi Spa to Beauty Salon and Day Spa activities and moving to a larger more modern location,

We are proud to announce that we have started providing services from our new new Tier 1 Day Spa / Medi Spa & Skincare Clinic located at Shop 14 Four Seasons House, 191 - 203 Anketell St Greenway.

You are invited to drop in and check it, we are confident you will be

The Move in Review

On Saurday 9th March we moved operations 20 a location in Reed St North in Greenway.

We will be moving to a permanent Medi-Spa clinic on Anketell St Tuggeranong once the lrgalities have been formalised and the fit-out completed.

For futher information or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate and contact us at:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 02 6293 2992

Reasons for our move

To meet our customer demands for more skincare focused treatments, we are transforming our Salon/Day Spa into a MEDISPA from which we will still maintain the bulk of our existing price list services in addition to a complete new range of medically based services including; Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections; Specialist Facials e.g. the PRP or Vampire Facial; Deep Penetrating Chemical Peels; Cosmetic Tattooing and Microblading.

Customer Driven Move

Our decisions to move have all been client driven:


  • No more Papmer - Many clients no longer see the spa as 'pampering' but as a vehicle they can use to stay healthy and look good. They want simplicity in their spa treatments and are opting to more traditional spa products. Their free time is ,limited and they have less time available to spend at a spa.

    We are designing our primary offerings around these trend and tailoring treatments to suit their busy lifestyle. Some prominent drivers include:

  • The Eastern/Asian influence - this influence has become large in the industry. There is a strong trend towards "medical" products and services, utilising cosmeceutical products with active ingredients. 

  • Cosmeceuticals - Elegant Image has carried a small range of cosmeceutical therapies but this will be enhanced to meet the growing demand. Cosmeceuticals are probably best described simply as 'functional ingredients', these have an effect on the body and by definition can't be 'cosmetics', but they are neither formulated nor regulated as OTC/drug products. We believe cosmeceuticals will act as another growth driver as clients focus on 'wellness'. Our introduction to cosmeceuticals was with Sothys in their prestige skin care range but we fully expect to see them increasingly cross over into other areas (such as make-up and hair care) as both upstream prestige and mass market beauty houses develop new multifunctional products particularly in anti-ageing ingredients such as hydroxyl acids, retinol and vitamins.

  • Pamper products will become more obsolete, as clients experience the real skincare we believe that only products that deliver results and not only aesthetic enhancement will dominate the market.
  • Injectables - For some years now Elegant Image has had doctors provide injectable services in-salon. In our new premises we have a dedicated room fitted out for visiting doctors and a permanent nurse who will  perform injections under doctors supervision. 

  • Anti-ageing products - Elegant Image for many years have specialised in anti-ageing technologies and with products that have the active ingredients can assist in the ongoing battle against those visible signs of aging due to sun damage, smoking, toxins (such as pollution), stress, etc... We have some fantastic new technologies in the pipeline (once they have been proved and have the clinical trial evidence to support their claims) 

  • Customised/Tailored Treatments - we believe clients will demand high levels of personal service and we are designing systems that will allow us to provide these service levels.

  • Detox at the Spa - This is an interesting development and we have put a toe in te water by building a Infrared Sauna into the clinic,.

  • Environmental Awareness - Many clients are expecting us to become more 'green'. It always has been our policy to only use environmentally friendly, this will be reinforced with a more rigorous interrogation of future systems and products.