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Sothys of Paris

Enter the Sothys world.

Sothys, a world of extremely refined emotions and sensuality, a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty institutes and spas all over the world. 

The same passion for perfection and the same quest for absolute beauty revealed to women and men through well-being and effectiveness for more than 70 years.

A highly specialised brand, Sothys has always stood out with its extraordinary commitment to research and innovation. It claims its place as an avant-garde beauty expert.

It is the creator of Digi-Esthétique ®, an exclusive modelling method, that – in partnership with our therapists can transform their institute treatment into an unforgettable sensorial experience.

Dr Spiller

Who doesn’t like to have a nice and decorated look in their house? And scented candles do exactly that along with giving you a nice fragrance. It brings a heavenly smell to your sweet home. And not to mention it does not need any maintenance. So why wait to have a nice thing in your house?

Intraceuticals Oxygen 02

Intraceuticals is a unique line of spa treatments and complementary skin care products based on innovative and progressive technology. Intraceuticals in clinic treatments, (the brand’s signature innovation), use oxygen under pressure and cutting edge hyaluronic acid technology to promote the delivery of specially formulated serums to the skin. These specialised treatments and accompanying home care products target the most common skin concerns with visible, clinical results and dramatic accumulative effects.