Clairderm Facial Analyser

Facial Imaging


Clairderm Medical Aesthetics is an Australian company that is dedicated to empowering business success. It has over 25 years’ experience in the manufacture and supply of aesthetic, medical and beauty equipment systems for non-surgical treatments. 


What is the Clairderm Facial Imager

A holistic approach to skin management and client engagement are essential in allowing us to assist you in achieving beautiful and healthy skin. The CLAIRDERM SKIN ANALYSER provides our aesthetic professionals with the ability to effectively engage clients and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise by enabling them to:

1. Conduct a superior skin analysis and in-depth diagnosis of the epidermis and dermis based on scientific data and results

2. Confidently recommend an effective skin treatment plan to address any skin concerns and compare treatment results over time to clearly demonstrate treatment success.

The Clairderm Skin Analyser allows Elegant Image to provide an holistic approach to understanding client skin and affords us the ability to provide effective customised skin management plans.

Very rapidly it provides superior initial ans comparative skin analysis along with in-depth diagnosis that allows the therapist to offer effective treatment recommendations. 

Technical Features?

The Facial Analyser scans and analyses the skin, diagnoses and recommends an effective treatment plan within 30 seconds for reduced treatment times using its 1500W pixel HD camera and HD lens for superior image quality and accurate analysis and diagnosis.

It produces a treatment recommendations and comparative analysis along with treatment recommendation based on our clinic’s range of products and treatments. It also tracks treatment results over time sllowing the therapist to modify recommendations to provide better and more targeted results and  increased client satisfaction.

10 skin conditions.

From the scans, at a glance  we can see:

1. RGB Pore, RGB Spot and RGB Wrinkle Spectrum combines red, green and blue wavelengths of natural light to analyse and diagnose epidermal skin conditions.

  • Pore congestion
  • Wrinkle formation, fine line distribution, skin micro relief and loss of collagen
  • Acne

2. PL Spectrum, the analyser uses polarised light to optimise image clarity and analyse and diagnose epidermal skin conditions.

  • Skin Texture and areas of keratinised skin
  • Red Sensitivity, Rosacea, skin irritations and thinned areas of skin
  • Brown areas of pigmentation

3. UV Spectrum, the analyser uses Skin Fluorescence technology to expose the skin cells to 365nm UV light, which emits this light in unique colours and patterns depending on the skin’s condition, ensuring a variety of dermis skin conditions can be identified with unparalleled clarity and contrast.

  • Pigmentation - depth and distribution
  • UV sun damage
  • Porphyrin in acne and comedones
  • Moisture levels, vascular conditions and dehydrated skin