Hot Rock Stone Ceremony



Sothys Research and Development laboratory (SOREDEC) is one of only a few facilities in the world to be directly involved with studies into new ingredients and creates innovative formulas trialed through its dermatological testing clinic. The research team works with the scientific team in the Green Science unit at Limoges University focused on the discovery of new botanical extracts.


Sothys Oriental Aromatic Stone Therapy

With today's busy lifestyles this ceremony is one of our clients most favoured treatments as it restores a sense of tranquillity and harmony into their lives.

The SOTHYS Aromatic Stone Therapy is designed to re-harmonise the whole person. The technique used that combine various philosophies and treatment methods, leave you relaxed, revived and with a complete sense of well being.

This is a total body massage that uses a scentual blend of oriental spices infused with Balinese stones in a hot aromatic Granita with Marula oil. It will transport you to a renewed sense of relaxation and well being.

Balinese stones wrapped in muslin are used to massage and infuse exotic oils and spices including ginger, nutmeg and bitter orange into your skin to stimulate the body and calm the mind. These special stones were chosen for their ability to retain heat assisting the infusion of the oils and aromatic spices.

This is a magic combination encouraging healing and wellness, with an essence of peace.

Our therapists are (all trained by SOTHYS in Aromatic Stone Therapy) are expert in delivering the special techniques and harmonic movements required to balance your overall body energies.



The Benefits of Massage

The benefits of one massage can last days, but you need to give it a chance to do that. Try not to plan any hectic activity immediately afterwards. Listen to your body! It can seem surreal and is probably pointless, for example, to go straight back to work if you are feeling so relaxed you can hardly speak!


  1. provide a high level of relaxation
  2. improve your circulation, so your organs and skin get more oxygen
  3. moves fluid through your lymphatic system encouraging your body to digest its food, get rid of its toxins,
  4. allow you to sleep better,
  5. help us to unknot muscles, soothe aches and sprains, and encourage the skin to heal minor abrasions.
  6. reduce muscle tension
  7. reduction of stress hormones
  8. increased joint mobility and flexibility
  9. improved skin tone
  10. improve stress recovery
  11. provide heightened mental alertness
  12. reduce anxiety and depression.