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Elegant Image Perfect Lashes & Brows

At Elegant Image only skilled professionals cater to your brow and eyelash demands. Under the leadership of Melissa, her crew strive to make sure that you get such a quality of service that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere in the ACT. Because we are passionate about lashes and brows and strongly believe in helping women achieve the look they desire and complement this with two perfectly arched brows and a beautiful set of eyelashes.

At Elegant Image, we offer you the luxury of getting the eyelashes and brows that you desire. From microblading to Ombre and tinted eyebrows.

Elegant Image Lash & Brow Basics

Nothing gives your face a more chiselled and exotic look than a pair of perfectly made eyebrows. They give the whole face a well-balanced and symmetrical look that cannot be achieved even with the most intricate of makeup techniques. In many cases we can achieve the level of perfection you desire with stencilled waxing, freehand waxing, shaping and tinting but it is next to impossible to maintain this level of perfection at home. Fortunately, for perfectly styled and coloured eyebrows, microblading offers a great solution, making it possible for you to get the eyebrows you want and then keep them that way.

When you pair your brows with a perfect set of eyelashes the results are stunning. Having a dramatic set of eyelashes can really make your eyes pop. Isn’t this why mascaras and eyelash curlers are staple item in every cosmetic bag? At Elegant Image, using eyelash perming and tinting we can make your simply pop but if you are looking for a more permanent solution, then eyelash extensions are an option.