Sothys Pro Glysalic Peel



Sothys Research and Development laboratory (SOREDEC) is one of only a few facilities in the world to be directly involved with studies into new ingredients and creates innovative formulas trialed through its dermatological testing clinic. The research team works with the scientific team in the Green Science unit at Limoges University focused on the discovery of new botanical extracts.


What is Sothys Professional Glysalic Peel

This peel is a stand-alone 30-minute or a 15-minute add-on to a facial, it detoxifies and oxygenates the skin to refine its texture and restore a healthy glow. It is a powerful and effective double exfoliation uses semi–precious ruby & sapphire crystals along with a glycolic and salicylic peel.

It is the perfect lunchtime pick-me-up that refines your skin’s texture, provides immediate brightening, it smooth the skin and reveals a clear and uniform skin tone.

How does Sothys Professional Pro Peel work?

Glysalac Pro Peel combines 20% glycolic & 2% salicylic acids to refine the texture of the skin, bring instant radiance, smooth & reveal a brighter and more even complexion. Offering exceptional results on sun‐damaged and prematurely ageing skin this skin peel assists in unclogging and smoothing oil‐congested skin to refine the texture of open pores and preventing break‐outs.

Sothys Glysalic Pro Peel Take Out

For optimal results we recommend a series of 5‐10 professional treatments supported by the use of prescribed Sothys professional skin care home products. This peel may also be added as an enhancement to other Intensive Treatments to boost targeted results and maximise benefits.

Please be aware that this treatment is not recommended for sensitive skins.

Treatment duration is:

Stand-alone  - 30 minutes

Add-on to a facial  -  15 minutes