Spiller Peel-off Whitening

Dr Spiller Peel-off Whitening

Dr Spiller


The vision was born in 1960: To develop unique skin care products that preserve skin health with top-tier ingredients of incomparable quality and proven effectiveness. Dr. Horst Spiller made this his life-long mission.


The Spiller mission still continues..


What is Dr Spiller Peel-off Whitening

Dr. Spiller’s Whitening Peel Off Mask is very creamy and hydrating; its immediate effect is to tone down pigmentation. The skin is vitalised, rejuvenated and appears more even.

The Peel-off Whitening mask deeply infuses active ingredients such as alpine herbs, vitamin C and mulberry into the skin, treating the condition where they can work most effectively to deliver outsatnding results. 

About Dr Spiller Peel-off Couperose

Skin that is in harmony is a key building block of personal radiance and charisma - of inner and outer beauty.

This is exactly what the Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions aspire to achieve. The uniqueness and the power of our products are based on their ability to release active ingredients at a targeted location where they fulfil their function and can be maximally effective. Their comprehensive range of facials are supported by an extensive range products that provide multifaceted solutions for practically any skin concern and specific needs.

The Dr.Spiller Difference

 • Unique patented HY-TEC™ emulsion system • Exquisite active ingredients from nature 
 • Emulates nature’s own blueprint  • Biological and hypo-allergenic
 • Promotes naturally healthy skin  • Precisely regulates moisturization
 • Effective anti-aging results  • Treats all skin types and conditions
 • Preserves smoothness and suppleness  • Cosmos certified organic line
 • Revitalizes and balances the skin  • Improves resiliency and elasticity