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In the ACT's warmer weather we tend to wear less clothing, which means we have more skin on display and unless he have a healthy looking tan, those of us with fair complexions tend to stand-out like beacons. Then the question is. "How can we have a tanned, glowing and healthy looking skin without exposing it to the dangers of excessive UV radiation"? 

A great answer is Sunfx Spray Tanning at Elegant Image.

We have used the Sunfx systems and products for over 15 years as:

  1. They deliver the most natural looking tans available in the market.
  2. They are all-natural tanning systems and solutions developed and made in Australia
  3. They use no alcohols (Alcohol is a common ingredient in many spray tans. It acts as a thinning agent, allowing the tan to flow into the fine mist necessary for application. But we warn that alcohol is actually really damaging to your spray tan, because it can result in a crackling effect, making your skin look weathered and dry.)
  4. They use no artificial preservatives, parabans, perfumes or odours
  5. We get perfect results by using their globally approved high velocity, low pressure (HVLP) application system with its International Award-winning designed (patemt pending) Ezy mist spray adjuster 

Elegant Image Spray Tan Basics

For the best results  - Some dos and don'ts with spray tanning..

  1. We recommend you book your spray tan at least 2 days before it is needed.- This allows enough time for the tanning solution to settle in and fully develop and it also gives you time to fix any mishaps. Everybody’s tan lasts a slightly different length of time, and it usually due to the speed at which you shed skin cells. The younger you are, the faster you shed cells which causes your tan to fade more quickly.
  2. Prepare your skin prior to spray tanning - We recommend that the area to be sprayed is exfoliated, this can be done at home or as an in-salon service. The removal of old skin cells creates an even base for the tan to adhere that provides that desired even glow. If you don't exfoliate there is a greater chance that the finished tan will have streaks and be blotchy. When exfoliating at home be aware that the oils found in popular sugar scrubs coat the skin and cause the tanning solution to run and as such recommend the use of a Riffi Mitt  and skip applying any lotions afterward; spray tan formulas stick best to dry skin.
  3. Shave at least 12 hours beforehand - It may seem like common sense to shave before a spray tan, but shaving immediately prior to your appointment can cause the tanning solution to irritate your skin. Shaving is a mild exfoliant that exposes new skin cells, which are extra sensitive.
  4. Wear dark loose fitting clothes to your appointment - Although it should wash out easily, to avoid unintentionally staining your clothes, stick with dark clothing.It's also important to wear loose-fitting pieces after your tan. Freshly sprayed, tans can be easily altered, so tight leggings, sleeves, and even your bra can mess with the finish. A black sundress or loose sweatpants and a T-shirt will do the trick. And if you can, go braless for at least the first few hours afterward.
  5. Keep using sunscreen afterward - The popular concept that a spray tan can be used as a “base tan” to prevent sunburn is wrong. Simply put, spray tans have no effect on your body’s melanin, which is what causes your skin to tan naturally and just because you look tanned doesn’t mean you’re not going to burn. We recommend using a lightweight sunscreen to protect your skin and your glow.
  6. Limit your exposure to chlorine post-spray tan - While taking a quick dip in the pool won’t ruin your tan, spending hours on-end in chlorinated water will. Chlorine,  bleach, will take the tan right off your skin. As such, we recommend limiting your swim time after you've been sprayed and patting dry  the sprayed areas when you get out of the water.
  7. Definitely don't layer spray tans - It would be great if you could keep up your spray tan maintained the way you do your eyebrows or roots, but unfortunately, spray tans don't work that way. Spraying a new tan on top of an old tan will look patchy, darker in the areas where the old tan remains, and lighter in areas where it's already worn off. We recommends enjoying your tan for as long as it looks good, then removing it with a Riffi Mitt and starting afresh.

The benefits of spray tanning.

When summer rolls around and the sun comes out, many people crave a golden glow. Bronzed, radiant skin can increase your confidence. Even if you adore sporting a tan in the summertime, everyone know about the dangers of sun exposure, and a natural tan simply isn’t worth risking your health. If you’re yearning for a golden glow, consider the benefits of a spray tan before you visit a tanning salon or sunbathe at the beach.

Avoids UV radiation - Health authorities warn that sunbathing or using a tanning bed can create serious side effects that last for years. Ultraviolet (UV) exposure from the sun and artificial sources (like tanning beds) significantly increases your risk of contracting skin cancer.

Have a year round glow - While some people only like a tan in the summer, we have many clients that love to stay bronzed all year round. With spray tanning. snow, ice, and frigid temperatures are no obstacles. In our comfortable and climate-controlled environment, you can maintain your tan throughout the year.

Smooth and even application - If you’ve ever tried to get a tan by sunbathing at the pool or a beach, you know how hard it can be to get an even glow. Your knees will often end up darker or redder than your arms, legs, and torso. And depending on what you wear, you could end up with awkward tan lines. One of the aesthetic benefits of a spray tan is the smooth and even application. Since it’s applied with a fine mist and you can wear whatever you like, the color will be uniform.

Custom outcome - There is no sure way to lessen the intensity of the sun’s rays to achieve the aesthetic effect that you want. You may try to control the amount of color that you get by shortening or lengthening sun exposure time, but hoping for good results from a trial-and-error method is risky. With the benefits of a spray tan, you can achieve a light, medium, or dark tone that gives you exactly what you want. Plus, you can even your skin tone to conceal blemishes, varicose veins, and stretch marks.

Quick results - With a spray tan, you can enjoy a beautiful tan without spending hours sitting in the sun. Time spent sunbathing can feel endless when you’re hot and perspiring. With a spray tan, you get a beautiful glow in about 15 minutes in air-conditioned comfort.

Spray tans have a come a long way since they were first introduced; these days, no one can tell the difference between a “natural” tan and a correctly applied SunFX spray tan.