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Get smooth, sleek and sexy. At Elegant Image, waxing isn’t just about hair removal. It’s a skincare treatment as well. Our fast and effective waxing services will leave your skin hair-free and fabulously smooth.

Elegant Image specialises in face & body hair removal for both men and women. We are here to make you feel good about yourself and our therapists can advise and assist you with hair removal treatments including permanent hair reduction.


What is Waxing (Epilation)

The removal of body hair by waxing is a form of epilation where hair is removed below the surface of the skin. 

Waxing uses a resin-based substance to remove the hair from the follicle. Basically, a warm wax mixture is spread over the skin in the direction of hair growth, and;

For Strip Wax, a non-woven waxing strip is placed on top.

For Hot Wax, the waxing strip isn’t required.

Once the wax has cooled enough or has grasped the hair firmly enough, the strip/the wax is pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth, removing the entire hair and follicle.

Elegant Image Waxing Basics

Elegant Image we wax nearly any area of the body including the trunk, eyebrows, face, Brazillian, legs, arms and back. The full list of waxing...

Facial Waxing
Body Waxing
Brow Only  - Underarm Forearm
Lip Only   Bikini French Bikini
Chin Only   Brazilian Bikini
Brow & Lip Combined   Upper Leg & Bikini
Lip & Chin Combined   Upper Leg without Bikini
Sides of Face   Lower Leg & Bikini
Combined Face (Sides, Chin, Neck)   Lower Leg without Bikini
    Full Leg & Bikini  
    Full Leg without Bikini
    Men’s Back Waxing


We maintain wax melted in heated warmers, it is applied to the skin with small single-use disposable wooden spatulas. In most circumstances, once wax is applied it is covered by a strip of disposable non-woven waxing material. After the wax cools the strip is removed quickly (pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth at about a 45-degree angle) to remove the unwanted hair. New disposable paper strips are used for each waxing and the used strips are immediately disposed of. After removal of the strip, to minimise any discomfort hand pressure is immediately applied to the waxed area.Our therapists always examine the areas to be waxed and will discuss any issues concerning the waxing process prior to commencement.

After the area has been waxed the therapist will clean all remaining traces of wax from the skin and where possible apply a hair retardant, an antiseptic lotion is then applied to minimise redness sanitise, soothe and calm the skin.

To minimise the risk of skin irritation we use Strip Wax on tender skin areas inc' the face, underarm and bikini line and hot wax on other areas.

The benefits of waxing

We believe the major advantages of in-salon waxing epilation over depilation (hair removed at the skin line - shaving etc.) is that:

  1. First and foremost it takes longer for the hair to grow back.
  2. It delivers better longer-lasting results.
  3. Continual waxing over time stunts the frequency with which hair regrows. Therefore, the results become longer-lasting.
  4. With each successive waxing, hair growth gets finer (As opposed to using shavers or razors).
  5. waxing leaves the surface of the skin much smoother.
  6. It is a cost-effective and less messy solution compared to other methods of hair removal.

We know that correctly performed in-salon waxing by our qualified Beauty Therapists delivers safer, cleaner, better and hassle-free results than the cheaper alternatives.

Before and After Tips:

  • For the best results, please allow a minimum of ten days of hair growth.
  • Exfoliate the day before your appointment.
  • If you are taking Retin A or Acutane, waxing services cannot be performed. Skin care ,products that contain glycolic acids or alpha hydroxy acids must be discontinued 3-5 days before any waxing service.
  • Don’t apply body lotion on the day of your appointment.
  • When getting an underarm wax only use a deodorant without antiperspirant. The hair comes off easier.
  • If you are really worried about pain, take one off-the-shelf pain killer an hour before your appointment.
  • Avoid any hot treatments for 24 hours post-waxing (bath, sauna, steamer, tanning bed).