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Promotional - Special Permanent Hair Reduction Combo

Services Covered in This Offer are Elegant Image supplied IPL Permanent Underarm, Extended Bikini and Brazilian Hair Reduction treatments.

The Terms and Conditions of this offer are that these services:

  1. Will be sold as Elegant ImageCombination Packages (Combo Pack).
    1. Package 1 will include IPL Hair reduction treatments for underarms and extended bikini treatments.
    2. Package 2 will include IPL Hair reduction treatments for underarms and Brazilian treatments.
  2. The Combo Pack price will be $AUD 69 per package. 
  3. Clients undergoing IPL or Laser services must complete the Elegant Image Health and IPL questionnaire and meet Elegant Image safety requirements that include skin type, general skin health and laser/IPL spot testing examinations.
    1. Elegant Image will not treat a range of skin types and conditions and we require all clients to undergo a short complimentary IPL Consultation before the first treatment can commence.
  4. Clients must agree to and sign the Elegant Image waiver.
  5. The Combo Pack must be purchased in-store or over the phone and paid at the time of purchase.
  6. Offer is valid until Close of Business on 31st October 2024
  7. This offer cannot be purchased in conjunction with any other Elegant Image discount, including but not limited to discounted products, discounted services, 6 Pack, Seniors Discounts, APOD discounts, etc...
  8. These purchases attract Elegant Image Loyalty Reward Points