Omnilux Revive

IPL & Light Therapies


In 1998 after 12 years extensive research and armed with the rights to the patented Paterson Photodynamic Therapy lamp for worldwide distribution, Cancer Research UK (the largest charity in the UK dedicated to Cancer Research) and the University of Manchester formed Phototherapeutics Ltd (PTL) with the mission of bringing effective, inexpensive and clinically proven cancer treatments to the healthcare market.

Further research revealed that PDT delivered on a matrix of narrow beam light emitting diodes (LED) could be used for a much broader range of conditions and as these treatments area non-surgical, laser-free they could effectively and safely be administered by skincare aesthetic practitioners and as such Omnilux was created to service both the medical and skincare industries.


What is Omnilux revive

Omnilux Revive stimulates the body's own natural processes to rejuvenate skin. Omnilux Revive uses pure light delivered at a precise wavelength ( 633 +/- .6 nm) at an intensity of 105mW/c2 , these numbers are important as clinical trials have proven that they are required to stimulate the cellular mechanisms responsible for tissue repair and regeneration.

How does Omnilux revive work?

The Omnilux systems ensure that the right light dose is always delivered to the tissue, the right wavelength is always used to successfully activate the target cells or light reactive substrates and the right intensity is always used to prevent inefficient tissue response. The adjustable LED panels mean that the whole treatment area can be bathed in pure red light to maximise treatment outcome.

What are the benefits of Omnilux revive?

The benefits of Omnilux revive are amazing; clients have reported overall lifting and hydrating effect, an improvement in skin tone and texture, softening of fine lines and a feeling of well being and relaxation. People with different skin types also benefit from different treatment regimens designed to suit specific skin types.